Ladies and gents I’d like to personally welcome you to my new website dust9music.com. It’s been a true labor of love and like a true DIY Indie musician I did it all myself, from the logo, album covers, you name it. Well not completely all myself because I did get help from my favorite web platform wordpress and a really cool theme called Speaker. It also helps that I design websites for a living, but the beauty of wordpress is that if you know how to manage your Facebook profile you could totally figure out wordpress. Highly recommend it for all you do it yourselfers out there.

But there is one aspect to my site that I couldn’t do myself and that is all the spectacular photography that my buddy Paul Bajerczak delivered. Sure I could of tried doing it myself, to uphold my DIY dedication, but band pics with a selfie stick is just pathetic. Not only does Paul know all the right angles to get to catch the light perfectly, he’s also an awesome creative director. All the locations for the shoot were his idea and I followed along as he directed me in how to look like a rock star, cause trust me it doesn’t come naturally. If you’re looking for a freelance photographer or just love looking at cool pics, check out all is great portraits and photography on flickr or email him at pbajerczak@gmail.com.

While you’re on the site check out my latest tunes and let me know what you think. I crave feedback, cause like most artists I never think my shit is good enough and I’m hoping somebody can tell me otherwise (or if you really think it’s shit and have a good reason, let me know, I could probably learn from that). So shoot me your thoughts and feel free to join the mailing list so I can keep you up to date on new music, videos coming out and shows in the LA area to checkout. I promise I will not spam you, cause I hate that shit too, just want to stay in touch and often email is better than facebook and twitter. You can email me at newsletter@dust9music.com.

Cheers friend, and peace and blessings to you!

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