You may be asking yourself what do you mean, what color is your love? What does this question mean? Does love have a color? And the answer is (drum roll please) it all depends on you and your definition of love. This is why I thought this question

“What color is your love?” was a fascinating title and theme for a song. For me, the song is about how I met my wife and the love we share, nurtured through the years, from college to now. But beyond the personal story of my inter-racial relationship with my wife, the song and question touches on deeper themes.

“What color is your love?” is a song celebrating inter-racial relationships and inter-racial love, that all humanity is one and we are all beautiful, sacred beings regardless of race. The term race it’s self is inaccurate because we are one race, the human race, we are generally not black and white, we are different shades of brown based on the melanin in our skin. These are facts, but unfortunately many people continue to make the color of one’s skin a barrier and sometimes a reason to kill. I personally think that racism, is a form of insanity, to hate and even kill your own species strictly because of the pigment of somebodies flesh.

Growing up in America and understanding our complex race relations in the past, from slavery to segregation and understanding how those spiritual wounds still afflict American society today, is part of the journey to reconciliation and ultimately unity of humankind. The vision of race unity isn’t some Utopian ideal but rather we are one in our very biology, one human species with nearly identical DNA shared between every person on the planet. Yes our cultures and traditions differ but that’s what makes the human experience so interesting and exciting. “What color is your love?” is a cry to humanity to celebrate and embrace diversity. But enough of my interpretation on what the song means, check out the lyrics below and decide for yourself:

“What Color is Your Love?” Lyrics

Verse 1:
Met this girl in college, man she’s looking fine
Had that body moving but she took my soul and mind
Caramel brown complexion, smile of sunshine
Color lines that’s old times, I had to make her mine
Things were heating up, bonfire on the beach
Beauty, confidence and articulate speech
One year went by, two, three, four and five
Love has grown, it’s a bumpy road but we still got room to thrive

Haters like to gossip, how can they judge?
We all pray to the same God up above
So how can you ask the question?
What color is your love?

What color is your love?
What color is your love?
Continents of culture running through our blood
So how can you ask the question?
What color is your love?

Verse 2:
You and me, humanity we got to be free
In paradise proclaimed my love on one knee
Lost souls try to tell us what we got is a sin
But the sin is judging someone for the color of their skin
Baby you know I will always be true
May this love refresh our spirit and renew
Darling I love ya, let’s start a family
To advance and integrated, new world mentality

Pre-chorus & Chorus (repeat)

My love is the color of the stars and universe
My love is the color of life, spring time seeds disperse
My love is the color of people, passionate and flawed
My love is eternal, my love is the color of God
My love is the color of God!
My love is the color of God!
Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Chorus (repeat)

What color is your love?
What color is your love?
Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


released 21 April 2015
Written and performed by Dust9
All instrumentation by Dust9
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dust9
Album cover art by Dust9


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